Pfizer’s Placebo™ Shines in Six Month Test Data

75% Effective at Preventing Death from Cardiac Arrest

The group that took Placebo™ had significantly fewer deaths and adverse events when compared to the group that took BTN162b2.

Dr. A. Farci explained the significance of these results in a short press conference.

Image from page 12 from Pfizer’s supplementary material (see below for link)

“Trials like this are the gold standard, it is as if we had 22,000 identical twins and put one twin in each group. So let’s look at the data. You can see that in the group given Placebo™ there was one less death overall. Looking deeper at the cause of death you can see that several of the deaths in the Placebo™ group were odd, one person was missing and presumed dead, another cause of death was listed as death, likely an accidental death and another was an overdose. So in terms of death caused by a medical condition, you might only attribute 11 deaths to the Placebo™ group while there are 15 deaths in the BTN162b2 group.”

“Looking further into the cause of death, the single largest cause was cardiac arrest with 4 deaths in the BT column and one in the Placebo™ column. We would expect 4 deaths by cardiac arrest in the Placebo™ column, so this indicates that Placebo™ was 75% effective in preventing death by cardiac arrest.”

“Couldn’t the high number of cardiac related deaths be due to BTN162b2”, asked a reporter.

Dr. Farci responded gruffly. “Of course not, we’ve been told thousands of times that BTN162b2 is safe, it is a given. You are not allowed to think that thought, never mind say it out loud. The much lower cardiac death rate must be due to Placebo™.”

Image of page 13 from Pfizer’s supplementary material (see link below)

“Looking at the adverse events, we see the same pattern. You can see that the Placebo™ group had thousands fewer adverse events and hundreds fewer serious adverse events. Placebo™ shines in this data set.”

“But I thought this was about Covid-19?”, another reporter chimed.

“Listen, look again at the death data, out of 29 total deaths, there were only 3 Covid-19 related deaths, two in one group with one in the other. That’s less than half the number cardiac related deaths. There were 30 serious Covid-19 events in the Placebo™ group much less than the 263 total serious events in the BTN162b2 group.”

“If we’d treated these people with the safe drug Ivercillin, there would hardly be any serious cases at all. My buddy Bill and I keep a stash of it just in case.”

Just then Dr Farci’s cell phone rang, he answered it and was heard mumbling “Speak of the devil” and “it just slipped out” as he walked out of the conference.

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Dr A. Farci (right) arrives at the press conference.

The data is copied from the Pfizer supplementary material at: