MacroVoices – This is a free financial investing podcast that was started earlier this year by Erik Townsend. Erik was a young software entrepreneur who sold his company back in 1998 for millions of dollars. He is genuinely interested in helping other sophisticated investors. I’ve listened to all the shows so far and I highly recommend them if you are a knowledgeable financial investor. Register on the MacroVoices site to get an email link to the podcast along with other supporting links.

The Survival Podcast – I first heard about The Survival Podcast while listening to a now defunct podcast over 5 years ago. I did a search, downloaded an episode and have been a regular listener ever since (about 1000 episodes) as well as a supporting member for several years. Jack Spirko typically puts out 5  podcasts that each run over hour per week. Jack is a good critical thinker who is able speak intelligently on a variety of topics.  In addition to himself he sometimes interviews guests and has put together a group of experts in different fields that answer questions sent in by listeners. If you are willing to think, you’ll likely find value in The Survival Podcast.

The Archdruid Report – I look forward to reading John Micheal Greer’s Archdruid Report every Wednesday evening. His understanding of history, the environment and the quality of his writing always make for an interesting and thought provoking post. I do not read much fiction but have read his book Star’s Reach which was a great story set several hundred years in the future and have been enjoying his latest fictional work Retrotopia as he posts new chapters on his blog.

Geoff Lawton
When I was young my hero’s were athletes such as Jean Beliveau, Muhammad Ali and Roberto Clemente. Now in my 60s, I don’t have hero’s like that anymore, but there is one person that comes close. That is Geoff Lawton. I admire the tireless work that Geoff does promoting permaculture around the world and have tremendous respect  for the manner in which he does it, turning every negative into a positive, never letting his ego get in the way, always wishing for his students to exceed their teacher. If you care about the world that we leave to future generations, you should pay attention to Geoff Lawton, sign up for his emails, you’ll get a chance to see many free videos of permaculture in actions around the world and also get his Friday Five. His video “Greening the Desert” is a must see classic, that got many people interested in permaculture.