The C-Realm

One of the best interviewers in the podcast arena is KMO who has been creating the C-Realm podcast since 2006. I came to be a C-Realm listener when he interviewed some of my favorite authors in the peak oil scene including John Michael Greer and James Howard Kunstler. But the C-Realm podcast is about more than peak oil and he covers quite a variety of interesting topics. This year I’ve had the good fortune to be interviewed twice by KMO. The first was New Year’s day morning for his C-Realm Vault members (his paid subscription version of the podcast) on podcast CRV323 and then on February 17th for his C-Realm radio show on WOOL (91.1 FM out of Bellows Falls VT). Here is the link to that podcast:

C-Realm 540 This Finite Earth

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