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I had the pleasure of appearing on White Memorial’s Natures Voices radio show, hosted by Marlow Shami. She put together a nice email blast for the podcast, most of which I’ve duplicated below.

Welcome to Nature’s Voices podcast, White Memorial Conservation Center’s show about everything Nature.
Just what is permaculture? How is permaculture making a real difference in the health of the planet as well as the people consuming foods grown in the permaculture tradition? Permaculture is not just about farming and gardens…it is about sustainable living.
Is it possible to grow food year-round in New England? With winter’s temperatures plunging below zero at times, how could permaculture support a winter garden? Discover how a diverse, beautiful, and productive 1/10th of an acre garden situated within the city of Holyoke, Massachusetts thrives all year-round.
Today we’ll hear from Bob Brown, a member of the newly formed NW CT Permaculture Community, a group formed by Cynthia Rabinowitz, Executive Director of the Northwest Conservation District in Connecticut.
Listen here:
Picture on left is the view of Paradise lot from the street. To the right, touring paradise lot behind the duplex, located in Holyoke, Massachusetts.
Click to view a video about this amazing 1/10th of an acre lot!
Are you inspired by the idea of a year-round garden and living a sustainable lifestyle?
Consider acquiring these books from your local independent book stores. The Hickory Stick Bookshop in Washington, CT, is my nearby favorite.
Paradise Lot: Two Plant Geeks, one-tenth of an acre, By Eric Toensmeier and Johnathan Bates
Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to home-Scale Permaculture by Toby Hemenway and John Todd
CLICK to view a 10-Year Timeline of the Greening the Desert Project
(an amazing three-minute video).

As WMCC Community Outreach coordinator and host of Nature’s Voices, my job is to inspire new and old friends of the natural world to remember
WE are indeed a part of nature!
We have an infinite variety of avenues to explore right outside our homes and workplaces, and of course, you are welcome to explore White Memorial’s 4000-acre wildlife sanctuary any time or season. You will benefit in unexpected ways!
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